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ASX announcements

15.01.2019 $1.9 million received from Commonwealth Government Download
15.01.2019 Termination of convertible facility Download
03.01.2019 SKI and AUZ Committed to building the Sconi Project Download
23.11.2018 Relocation of corporate office to Brisbane Download
20.11.2018 BFS supports strong commercial case for developing Sconi Download
20.11.2018 Presentation - Sconi BFS Download
16.11.2018 AUZ appoints highly credentialed Chief Financial Officer Download
13.11.2018 Norwest Minerals IPO - Close of Offer Download
07.11.2018 AUZ & Metalysis progress to Phase 2 development of scandium Download
05.11.2018 Drilling continues to unlock growth potential at Sconi Download
02.11.2018 AUZ takes R&D lead on next gen battery technology Download
31.10.2018 Quarterly Activities Report Download
30.10.2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report Download
19.10.2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting Download
19.10.2018 Annual Report to Shareholders 2018 Download