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ASX announcements

17.07.2019 AUZ raises $5.8 million via SPP Download
08.07.2019 Additional high-grade results returned from Flemington Download
04.07.2019 Share Purchase Plan Update Download
20.06.2019 Austrade critical minerals trade delegation presentation Download
17.06.2019 Drilling indicates Flemington resource expansion potential Download
13.06.2019 Share Purchase Plan Prospectus Download
13.06.2019 Sconi to generate $5 billion in free cashflow Download
12.06.2019 AUZ launches underwritten Share Purchase Plan Download
07.05.2019 Clarification of metal equivalents Download
03.05.2019 Presentation - EV Battery Tech Germany Download
29.04.2019 AUZ Resource tonnage in Qld exceeds 115 million tonnes Download
26.04.2019 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ended 31 March 2019 Download
26.04.2019 Quarterly Cashflow Report for Period Ended 31 March 2019 Download
13.03.2019 Half Year Report for Period ended 31 December 2018 Download
27.02.2019 AUZ secures funds to accelerate cobalt and nickel projects Download