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Directors and Management

Meet Michael, Australian Mines Chairman

Michael Ramsden


Michael Ramsden is a lawyer with more than 25 years' experience as a corporate advisor. He has been involved with all forms of finance, including money markets, futures trade and foreign exchange.

Benjamin Bell

Managing Director

Benjamin Bell is a geologist and geophysicist, with 20 years’ experience
in the minerals industry.

Meet Benjamin Bell, Australian Mines Managing Director
Meet Mick Elias an Australian Mines Director

Mick Elias


Mick Elias is an internationally recognised expert in lateritic nickel-cobalt deposits, with more than 35 years’ of experience in all aspects of nickel resource development.

Dominic Marinelli


Dominic Marinelli has over 20 years' of corporate fundraising experience covering a wide range of industries including resources and other emerging technologies.

Meet Dominic Marinelli an Australian Mines Director
Meet Australian Mines Tim Maclean, our Chief Operating Officer

Tim Maclean

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Maclean is a metallurgist with over 30 years experience in base metals mining and processing. This includes construction, commissioning, start-up and production ramp-up of major nickel laterite operations.

Oliver Carton

Company Secretary

Oliver is a qualified lawyer with 30 years’ experience in a variety of corporate roles.

Meet Oliver, Australian Mines Secretary
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