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Australian Mines
Investor Relations Centre

Australian Mines objective is to become one of the world's most cost competitive producers of Cobalt Sulphate and Nickel Sulphate battery precursor chemicals, with a fully auditable supply chain, for the electric vehicle and clean energy storage sectors.


Integrity, transparency and accountability are the pillars of corporate governance at Australian Mines.

We are committed on behalf of our shareholders to meeting the requirements of the ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations 2nd edition August 2007 as published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.

In 2002, Australian Mines adopted the Australian Institute of Company Director's Code of Conduct ("AICD Code") to set appropriate standards of ethical and professional behaviour for its directors. In June 2005, the Company adopted a Code of Conduct for Directors and Key Executives, which affirmed the Company's adoption of the AICD Code as appropriately setting the standards of ethical behaviour for directors. We have also adopted a General Corporate Code of Conduct which details the Company's commitment to appropriate corporate practices to its legitimate stakeholders and sets the standards expected of officers and employees in carrying out their duties.

Governance Documents